Javier Gutierrez Successfully Completes 3-Month Secondment to Karolinska Hospital

NEOSETAC Project Shows Promise in Novel Selenium-based Therapy for Breast Cancer

Javier Gutierrez

We are thrilled to announce that Javier Gutierrez from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) has successfully completed a 3-month secondment to Karolinska Hospital as part of the NEOSETAC project. Javier’s contribution to this groundbreaking research has paved the way for potential advancements in breast cancer treatment

The NEOSETAC project (Novel Selenium-based Therapy for Managing Breast Cancer) aims to demonstrate the therapeutic potential of a novel Selenium-based therapy in managing breast cancer, in recent clinical studies, it has been found that high selenium exposure may decrease the risk of cancer, particularly in terms of high plasma levels, Javier Gutierrez’s valuable expertise and dedication have played a significant role in advancing the research conducted at Karolinska Hospital, through his diligent efforts, the team has achieved significant progress, bringing hope to those affected by breast cancer,the Secondment has not only provided an opportunity for knowledge exchange but also established strong collaborations between UAB and Karolinska Hospital, enhancing the overall research environment for this project.

The NEOSETAC project has been widely hailed for its innovative approach to breast cancer treatment, aiming to target the disease using Selenium-based therapy ,With Javier Gutierrez’s contributions, this research is now one step closer to achieving its goal of transforming breast cancer management, the implications of the NEOSETAC project reach far beyond academic circles. If successful, this revolutionary treatment could change the lives of countless breast cancer patients, improving their prognosis and quality of life

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Javier Gutierrez for his successful completion of the secondment at Karolinska Hospital and the impact he has made on the NEOSETAC project. We eagerly anticipate the next phase of this research and hope that these significant developments will soon lead to tangible improvements in breast cancer treatment,To learn more about the NEOSETAC project and its potential in breast cancer management.