We are excited to announce that NEOSETAC, a trailblazing initiative focusing on the anti-cancer therapeutic potential of a novel selenium-based therapy for managing breast cancer, has launched its third newsletter. The newsletter is packed with insightful updates, recent findings, and developments in the field of cancer therapy, emphasizing the potential benefits of high selenium exposure in reducing the risks of cancer.

This latest edition of the newsletter highlights the importance of high plasma/serum selenium levels and the novel selenium therapy being developed by NEOSETAC. This research is promising to revolutionize treatment options and improve outcomes for patients affected by breast cancer, one of the most prevalent forms of cancer globally.

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NEOSETAC, which aims to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of selenium-based therapy in clinical trials, has gained recognition from experts in the field for its innovative contributions to cancer therapy research. With optimum selenium-based therapy, NEOSETAC is poised to optimize the prevention and management of breast cancer.

By subscribing to the NEOSETAC newsletter and exploring the project website, you can engage with the project community, access vital research updates, and contribute to advancing cancer therapy. Together, we can support NEOSETAC’s groundbreaking mission to improve the lives of individuals affected by breast cancer through innovative selenium-based treatment approaches. The next NEOSETAC newsletter will be in Autumn 2023 End of October.