Last summer Dr Maria Jesus Sanchez Martin from UAB was hosted by REDINN from the Managing Director Ms Donatella Santoro and Mr Leonardo Piccinetti business development manager. Dr. Sanchez Martin secondment was linked to WP5. In specific, WP5 investigated: Dissemination, Exploitation, and Training Management. The main objective of this task is to organize the knowledge exchange between academic and non-academic experts in the fields of novel Selenium-based therapy for managing breast cancer. Dr. Sanchez Martin researched and contributed towards Dissemination Management, where she reviewed subject literature, cross-fertilize knowledge with the entire project team, and to establish contact with relevant business entities for future collaborations. The Research Group of Separation Techniques in Chemistry, GTS, is a “Consolidated Group of Quality Research” since 1993 and offers differential technology, business innovation and excellence in Catalonia. The GTS Center has developed its activity during the last 29 years in both basic and applied aspects of separation science and technology.