Leonardo Piccinetti, Business Manager from REDINN visited NEOSETAC company partner in UAB Campus in Bellaterra CLINISCIENCES. Thanks to the support of the NEOSETAC project manager Dr.Maria Jesus Sanchez, during Leonardo’s secondment, had opportunities to explore activities related to the technologies and market exploitation. In the framework of the dissemination and communication activities was produce a short interview with Dr Neus Sanchez Alberola and presented her team. CLINISCIENCES S.L., as part of the CliniSciences Group, is an SME dedicated to the import and distribution of research and diagnostic products (antibodies, recombinants, ELISA kits, RNAi, cDNA clones, probes, PCR/qPCR reagents…) for laboratories in the fields of science, biomedicine and biotechnology. In addition, the company offers a wide range of customized laboratory services (cell toxicity assays, immunoassays, culture growth, antibody production, etc.) for its customers. As a very dynamic company, the R&D department is working both on internal projects and on public international projects, with the aim of funding new interesting products in the biomarker target and for application in cancer diagnosis.


In the role of NEOSETAC, CLINISCIENCES mostly in the WP2 Targeting of nanosystems in the T2.1 Antibody Selection and T2.2 Antibody production, in particular, is to train researchers in the production of antibodies against biomarkers of breast cancer cells, as well as to provide technical support in the subsequent union of these antibodies with nanoparticles.